Evidence in 1970 Crewe murders missing

Evidence in the 1970 double murders of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe is missing. Are you even surprised to read this? Or, did you expect this to happen? Regular readers of my blog know that I follow this case. Jeannette & Harvey Crewe were murdered in 1970, New Zealand. They left behind one child, Rochelle. While […]

The Crewe Murders: review or re-investigation?

The Crewe Murders: review or re-investigation? The New Zealand Herald reports about the latest efforts made to solve the 1970 Crewe Murders however, what they report worries me. “Arthur Allan Thomas has been re-interviewed by police investigating the 1970 murders of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe, one of New Zealand’s best-known unsolved crimes. Mr Thomas spent nine years […]

Alfred Moore; first impressions

As you know, Pam alerted me to the Alfred Moore campaign to have this case, a wrongful conviction, examined again. I have done some checking on the web, found the eBook by Steve Lawson, and have started mulling this case over. Those familiar with my blog know that my first take on a case usually […]

“All the Commissioner’s Men” by Chris Birt

“All the Commissioner’s Men” by Chris Birt is a book about the cold cases of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe. Their case is the reason for the wrongful conviction of Arthur Allen Thomas. Their only child Rochelle Crewe is calling for an independent review of her parents’ murder cases. The central word in this case seems to […]

Sentencing in Keith Combs & Eugene Ellis

Edward Jesus Elias and Leopoldo Chavez II, both 36, were found guilty of first-degree murder and special-circumstance allegations including murder during a robbery of Keith Combs & Eugene Ellis. They were teenagers at the time they killed Keith Combs and Eugene “Cliff” Ellis. Elias and Chavez were both sentenced to serve life without the possibility of parole. […]

Trayvon Martin: interesting questions.

Last night I was making my rounds around the blogs. I stopped by Norm’s. Norm Pattis always makes me think. Last night, Norm made me mad. You see, I had not seen the article he pointed out. In his blog post “Why Florida v. Zimmerman is necessary” he discussed an article concerning the shooting of Trayvon […]