Guilty verdict in 2009 Noah case

Guilty verdict in 2009 Noah case  six years after he disappeared. From the San Antonio Express News: “Shelby C. Moore apologized for concealing his death from worried relatives for months, not telling them he’d helped dump the body in Gillespie County.” Note that Moore (Noah’s cousin) was sentenced to nine years only for tampering with the body […]

Murder charges re Trey Noah dismissed

Murder charges re Trey Noah dismissed for Harber and Moore. From the Blanco County News: “Murder charges against Shelby Moore and Brandon Harber, who were arrested in April 2010 in the November 2009 death of Trey Noah, have been dismissed by Gillespie County District Attorney Bruce Curry. The dismissal occurred Monday, March 3, after an […]

Slow Movement Trey Noah Murder Trial

There is no way of knowing when the murder of Trey Noah will finally go to court. Brandon Harber and Shelby Moore were charged with Trey’s murder and will eventually be tried in Gillespie County, TX. However, “an initial confession from Moore was tossed out in a pre-trial hearing. The DA is appealing that decision. That […]

Update Murder Trial for Trey Noah

There isn’t going to be any movement in the murder trial for Trey Noah any time soon. Shelby Moore and Brandon Harber are charged  with first-degree felony murder as well as tampering with physical evidence, a second-degree felony. They were both arrested in June 2010 and are now released on bond. From the Blanco News: […]

Update Trey Noah Trial

The trial in Trey Noah’s murder will most likely take place towards to end of the year. Other cases take precedence over his according to the Blanco News Online. “Harber has been released on $300,000 surety bond under nine conditions, including the conditions that he is not allowed to have contact with Noah’s family or […]

Trey Noah case finally going to court!

The murder case of Trey Noah (Kendalia, Texas) is finally moving closer to the court rooms. “A court date of February 15, at 9am, has been set for Shelby Moore and Brandon Harber, who are both charged with the first-degree felony murder of Trey Noah as well as tampering with physical evidence, a second-degree felony. A continuance […]

More information on Trey Noah

One suspect arrested this month in the slaying of Kendalia resident Trey Noah claimed his co-defendant shot Noah in the back on Nov. 30, 2009 following an argument, records released last Monday show. The body of Noah, 20, was found in April off Doebbler Road in eastern Gillespie County, Texas. An affidavit by Gillespie County Sheriff’s […]

Arrest in Trey Noah case

Murder charges have been filed against two acquaintances of Trey Noah who vanished in November 2009 and whose remains were found five months later in Gillespie County, Texas. Gillespie County Sheriff Buddy Mills said Shelby C. Moore, 19, of Kendalia was arrested late Thursday at the Sheriff’s Office in Fredericksburg, and that Brandon L. Harber, 19, was […]