Remember Tatman and Burchfield

The weekend of November 25 and 26, 2017 mark the 50th and 64th anniversaries of two police officers featured on this blog: Robert Lawrence Tatman and Richard Stanley Burchfield. Both Tatman and Burchfield were killed in the line of duty. Both were shot. Both were young husbands. Both were young fathers. Robert Lawrence Tatman Champaign […]

National Police Week 2011: Tribute to Burchfield

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Patrolman Burchfield of the Colorado Springs Police Department was shot to death on November 26, 1953, with a .22 caliber handgun by an unknown subject during an armed robbery investigation in the area of 1600 N. Wood Ave. That robbery was part of a pattern that had plagued the area. Burchfield was […]