“To take up a cause when to others there is none; to argue what to others is unarguable; to be a lone voice for a lone being…. against the condemnation of the whole… and to seek as one to change the verdict of a state (and ergo of all of us) is the most worthy cause I know. For me it is a privilege, truly a privilege, to know you. Mean it. With what I see in my job, it is people like you who reaffirm my belief in the essential goodness of the human condition.”

Dominic d’Souza
Barrister, UK


“I worked with Alice on devising and directing an Amnesty International campaign regarding the application of the death penalty in the United States in the mid-1990s. She showed tremendous organizational skills during the 2-year project. Alice possess a highly prized ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Her commitment to advancing the cause of human rights was crystal clear.”

Paul Cunningham
Europe Correspondent at RTE


“Alice is totally dedicated to the pursuit of justice and in speaking out as a victim advocate in the field of unsolved crimes. Clearly she is wired to pursue the Truth. Highly recommended.”

Steve Hodel
Author of “Black Dahlia Avenger”


“Thank you for helping to shine the light on the injustice perpetrated on FL death row inmate Tommy Zeigler 34 years ago. I am extremely grateful for your careful investigation and diligent reporting of the true facts in this tragic case.”

Gail Anderson


“Alice played a pivotal role in my development as a blogger and media consultant. When I first started building my platform, Alice was one of the first people I met on social media. Even though we were strangers, she helped me establish myself as an expert in the field of criminal investigation by teaching me the use of social media and blogging. With her help, I was able to launch my blog, website and social media platforms, which has allowed me to be discovered for print, radio and recently television. I owe a lot of my success to Alice’s patience, kindness and expertise.”

Joseph Giacalone
LNIN Law Enforcement Consultant for LexisNexis


“Just a quick message to tell you that I very much enjoy your blog, and especially your investigation of the Zeigler case. I wish you the very best with your work.”

Phil Finch
Author of “Fatal Flaw”


“I am blown away by your reporting and how you have concisely and expertly outlined the points of contention in the Zeigler case. Points that will educate and no doubt shock many readers who visit your site. Thank you so much for what you have done; not only for Tommy, but for so many whose voices are trapped by legal red tape and those who are in control of it!”

Ros Malam, New Zealand


“Defrosting Cold Cases is a phenomenon. It has become something of a community within which lawyers, investigators, forensic experts, armchair sleuths and anyone else with a passion for criminal justice and crime detection can exchange ideas and share information.”

Sue Carney, independent forensic consultant