Grim Sleeper Victims need your help

Grim Sleeper Victims/LAPD image 1

Grim Sleeper Victims/LAPD image 1

Lonnie Franklin Jr. is known as the “Grim Sleeper.” This convicted serial killer was just sentenced to death in a Los Angeles Superior Court.

His death sentence was for ten Los Angeles murders that happened over the time period of three decades. You can find many news articles and details online if you just search for “grim sleeper.”

But I do not want to talk about him. I want to talk about the victims who the police have not been able to identify. They need help.

Police are still trying to identify 33 women whose snapshots were found in Lonnie Franklin Jr.’s home after his arrest. 

The images were part of a chilling discovery of nearly 1,000 photos of women or teenage girls — many nude and some who appeared to be unconscious or dead — hidden in Franklin’s house.

Grim Sleeper Victims/LAPD image 2

Grim Sleeper Victims/LAPD image 2

The collection included photographs of several victims, which leads police and prosecutors to believe Franklin left behind many more.”

The LAPD added a full-page on their website with many images of women. All these pictures were found in Franklin’s possessions.

You see two image boxes in this post. Click on them and they enlarge. However, you can get a better look at the images through the LAPD’s website. If you go here  you leave the LAPD’s website . However the link takes you to a slide show with an overview of all these images.

Please take a look to see if you recognize any of these women. It doesn’t take a lot of your time, but you can help the authorities to find justice for these women. Please look.

If you recognize any of these women, or a piece of visible jewelry, or a part of the background, please contact the LAPD at 877-ASK-LAPD.