Access to justice for children

Access to justice for children means that children, or their proper advocates where applicable, must be able to use and trust the legal system to protect their human rights. The Child Rights International Network (CRIN) is the first organization to publish a global overview to show how effectively children or their guardians can use the courts […]

Child abuse at Lake Alice

Child abuse at Lake Alice in New Zealand is one of the topics the Age reported about in 2008. “Disgraced former psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks” had lost his appeal against a former patient. Leeks had to pay $55’000 in damages for sexual assault. Leeks had been under investigation for using electric shock aversion therapy in the 70s […]

The Epuni Boys Home

The Epuni Boys Home in New Zealand was not a home at all. And just because you were in the care of the State did not mean that you were treated well. We saw in the previous post “Child Abuse in State Care” that some State Care Facilities were riddled with mismanagement, failing human resource standards, […]

Child Abuse in State Care

Child Abuse in State Care may not seem a logical topic to discuss on this blog where unsolved homicides and wrongful convictions dominate. However, criminal justice and human rights defense are my background. As such, it is a perfect fit. New Zealand is facing international scrutiny for widespread child abuse of children who were placed […]

The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders

The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders can be found here but it may not hold the answers to all the issues that we discussed here on my blog. If you open the first link you will see the website with a short clip on the review. Below is the report in parts or […]

Evidence in 1970 Crewe murders missing

Evidence in the 1970 double murders of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe is missing. Are you even surprised to read this? Or, did you expect this to happen? Regular readers of my blog know that I follow this case. Jeannette & Harvey Crewe were murdered in 1970, New Zealand. They left behind one child, Rochelle. While […]