The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders

Jeannette and Harvey Crewe

Jeannette and Harvey Crewe

The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders can be found here but it may not hold the answers to all the issues that we discussed here on my blog.

If you open the first link you will see the website with a short clip on the review. Below is the report in parts or appendices. Every appendix opens in a PDF.

I like to draw your attention to appendix 13: criminal profiling.

There is a critique on how police claimed that Arthur Allen Thomas’ feelings as rejected love interest played a huge role in this case e.g. motive. The critique does not support that.

The review credits Thomas’ ex-wife Vivien for standing by what she said e.g. Thomas’ alibi. She never wavered in this not even after the divorce. If Thomas’ was so infatuated with Jeannette Crewe then Vivien could have spoken up after the divorce but she didn’t. It adds credibility to her words that Thomas had an alibi.

From point 80 onwards the review discusses the possibility of one or multiple perpetrators. One is not likely given the scene but the accomplice need not actually have killed anyone.

The review also goes over the feeding of Rochelle. Was she fed, yes or no? The reviewer concludes that the perpetrator left the farm after the murders and never came back. The risk of being seen was too high.

Moving Harvey Crewe would have had to be done by a healthy male. This seems to rule out Len Demler.

The perpetrator had some notion of trying to wipe out traces.

When Jeannette was found her clothing was intact and unripped. The reviewer thinks that sexual assault is not likely but does not rule it out. However, if it happened he does not believe that to be the motive for the murders.

The report ends with questions for the investigative team.

If you have time to read the entire report, let me know your thoughts.