M-Vac helps solve Beslanowitch case

The M-Vac System made the difference in the Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch case. In 1995, Krystal’s nude body was found lying face down on the rocks, bloody and broken, on the banks of the Provo River, Utah. She was just 17 years old. Parts of the large, granite rocks were saved as evidence as well as scrapings from under Beslanowitch’s fingernails. […]

RTI International Webinar on backlogs in crime labs

RTI International webinar on backlogs in crime labs and their impact on the justice system This morning I attended this webinar and learned more about the backlogs in crime labs, what causes them, whether all labs have a case acceptance policy, the costs involved and much more. The live discussion took place in Washington DC […]

18 years for Jasper S

18 years for Jasper S, that is what the judge handed down for the rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra. The prosecution had asked for 20 years. The defense did not deny the rape but argued that the murder was not intentional hence a reduced sentence was in order. The court did not accept that defense strategy […]

Verdict against Jasper S. expected April 19, 2013

Verdict against Jasper S. expected April 19, 2013. Jasper S. is of course standing trial re the 1999 rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra. The prosecution asked for 20 years however, his lawyer thinks that is too much and expects a sentence of 15 years. He does not consider Marianne’s murder proven beyond a reasonable doubt. He […]

Jasper S. confessed rape-murder Marianne Vaatstra

Today, Jasper S. confessed to the rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra. During the night of May 1, 1999, Jasper saw Marianne Vaatstra on her bike. He stated that he did not know her. Jasper forced Marianne with a knife into the field where she was later found dead. More details will now be made public and we […]

Update Marianne Vaatstra

Update in the case of Marianne Vaatstra: according to Marianne’s father, his daughter did not know the man, Jasper S., whose DNA matched the biological materials left on Marianne’s body. He doubted that they knew each other especially if you consider the age differences. Marianne’s father did know Jasper’s children as they went to school […]