Guest blogging for GMA

Guest blogging for GMA was my pleasure and absolute honour. This UK based blog on human rights is from Global Minorities Alliance, a non-profit, non-governmental human rights organisation. They believe that all human beings, regardless of race, colour, religion or belief, faith or no faith, gender, or membership of another particular social group, should be treated […]

RTI International Webinar on backlogs in crime labs

RTI International webinar on backlogs in crime labs and their impact on the justice system This morning I attended this webinar and learned more about the backlogs in crime labs, what causes them, whether all labs have a case acceptance policy, the costs involved and much more. The live discussion took place in Washington DC […]

Recap #cclivechat July 6, 2012

This recap #cclivechat is one to bookmark! Laura Madison explained what crisis mapping is, how it can be used in cold cases, and gave examples using the ongoing Colorado wildfires. Laura described herself as a “mom, research crimino-digitologist, poli junkie, vol tech comm outcast, crisisnapper, crowdsauce pilot JK!” I could not resist calling her out […]

“Delayed Justice” by Jack Branson and Mary Branson

“Delayed Justice” by Jack Branson and Mary Branson. The book starts with something I absolutely agree with and am grateful for the authors that they point it out: the families of the perpetrators are the forgotten secondary victims, and they suffer more than we can imagine. Thank you, Branson & Branson, for paying attention to something […]

Kentucky State Police’s Unsolved Cases

The Kentucky State Police is actively pursuing new ways to get answers in their unsolved cases. They have distributed 400 card decks to inmates in hopes to get tips about some of their cases featured on the card decks. If you like to see the card deck, click here. From the Evansville Courier and Press: “The […]

My interview with Natasha Phillips

The tables were turned today, and Natasha sat down with me for some serious questions. See here, or scroll down! 1: Where did your passion for unsolved/ wrongfully solved crimes stem from? The curiosity started in law school where we focused a lot on police interrogations. During classes my mind would wonder around the question […]