18 years for Jasper S

Marianne Vaatstra18 years for Jasper S, that is what the judge handed down for the rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra. The prosecution had asked for 20 years. The defense did not deny the rape but argued that the murder was not intentional hence a reduced sentence was in order.

The court did not accept that defense strategy and stated it was convinced that Jasper S. made a calculated move in terminating Marianne’s life. He had also pondered the consequences if I was ever found out.

On September 29, 2012, police began a “DNA relationship testing” in a 5 km radius of the crime scene of approx. 8,000 men. In this study, on a voluntary basis, police studied whether there were people who had a similar chromosomal Y-DNA profile as that of the perpetrator. If so, they could try to find a match with familial DNA to trace the killer.

On November 19,  2012, police announced it had found a match. Arrested was Jasper S., a 45-year-old man who lived 2.5 kilometers from the crime scene. Jasper S. apparently voluntarily gave a DNA sample for testing. In a second study of the sample, it was confirmed that his DNA profile matched the DNA traces found on Marianne’s body.

Hat tip to Clouseau for keeping me posted!