Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask: by request, I post all three parts that I wrote as guest posts for other bloggers here for readability. ___________________________________ I like to read about old unsolved cases. We usually refer to them as historical mysteries. One of them is the story of the unknown prisoner or the man […]

Guest post on Corruption

This guest post on Corruption is from David Russell. David is a corrections officer for a state correctional facility. He has worked for the state for many years. You can follow David on Twitter. ** “The purpose of this post is to give an idea of what prison life is like on a day-to-day basis. I intend […]

Penn State CSI Students on the Zeigler Case

Penn State CSI Students on the Zeigler Case: a review of Zeigler Project. During their final spring semester twenty five (25) undergraduate and five (5) graduate students from Penn State University (PSU) reviewed documents pertaining to the trial and conviction of William Thomas Zeigler. Mr. Zeigler was convicted in 1976 of murdering his wife Eunice Zeigler, […]

Guest post: Laura Henderson-Ibach: The timeline does not work

Guest post: Laura Henderson-Ibach: The timeline does not work and police do not care. Part 4 by Tiah. Two different private investigators interviewed everyone who was connected in any way to this case. Much of what they found I will discuss here. If I use the phrase “we know” it is because the information was […]

Zeigler, Part XVI

Zeigler, Part XVI: On misplaced pride, loyalty, and sacrifice On Nov 4, 2010, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley (a.k.a. the Memphis Three) will get their cases reviewed in a lower court hearing to see whether they should be granted a new trial. This means that they will […]

Zeigler, Part XIII

Zeigler, Part XIII WARNING: this post contains actual crime scene photographs. They are very graphic. The photographs are not included to sensationalize the case. They are included because they tell a story. If you scroll down and continue to read, you will view them at your own risk. ________________________________________________________________ Zeigler’s first trial attorney Ralph “Terry” […]