A retrial for Daniel Dougherty

A retrial for Daniel Dougherty starts coming Monday. In 1985, Daniel Dougherty was found guilty of deliberately igniting fires in his home that killed his two sons, Danny(4) and Johnny(3). Police arrested Dougherty 14 years later, when his estranged wife came forward and claimed he confessed. A jury found him guilty on capital murder charges in […]

Sum it Up! #49

Sum it Up! #49 is brought to you by a blogger who is tired of high winds, cold, and freezing temps. I am now accepting proposals to move to sunny, warm places. A mistrial was declared in the case against David McLeod. The  jurors failed to reach a verdict. McLeod was on trial for the Hina […]

Death on Hold: Zeigler

Death on Hold: Zeigler. In this documentary you can see the trial and appeals in the case of William Thomas Zeigler. It explains why for the past 37 years, we have been trying to show you that he never had a fair trial. Judge for yourself whether there is room for doubt. https://web.archive.org/web/20130406001457/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQc3J4ocgsM&gl=US&hl=en Mr. Zeigler has […]

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle is anything but straightforward or clear cut. His pregnant wife’s estimated time of dead occurred hours before she was found. In that time period, Eddie was at work. Paula was portrait as a happily expecting first time mom while she had a history of a suicide attempt and on no […]

Fingerprint Misidentification

Fingerprint Misidentification: State of Indiana v. Lana Canen. Based on a fingerprint misidentification, Lana Canen spent eight years in prison for a murder she did not commit. But now, she has finally been exonerated of Helen Sailor’s 2002 murder. From the Wrongful Convictions Blog: “On Thanksgiving 2002, Helen Sailor, an elderly woman living in Elkhart, Indiana, was […]

New Trial for Richard Lapointe!

The Connecticut Appellate Court ordered a new trial for Richard Lapointe. From the Hartford Courant: “In a stunning decision, the state Appellate Court Monday ordered a new trial for Richard Lapointe, a mentally disabled dishwasher convicted of a murder a quarter century ago, concluding that state prosecutors wrongly withheld a police report that tends to support […]

Zeigler defense asks Judge Whitehead for evidentiary hearing

Zeigler defense asks Judge Whitehead for evidentiary hearing. Last Thursday, the Zeigler defense team was back in court to ask Judge Whitehead for an evidentiary hearing to explore the latest developments in the case of William Thomas Zeigler, who remains on death row in Florida. Of course, at issue were the false arrest report and the […]

Christian Bruyère takes an interest in Zeigler

Christian Bruyère takes an interest in Zeigler. Mr. Bruyère  and his company “Mystique Films” are based in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is the third largest motion picture production center in North America. I could not be happier that Zeigler is getting more media attention. Yesterday was Zeigler’s birthday and a press conference was held outside the Orange County Courthouse. […]