Zeigler: touch DNA denied

The Florida Supreme Court has denied William Thomas Zeigler’s request for touch DNA testing. I have converted the PDF to images below. On March 31, 2016, an evidentiary hearing was held for William Thomas Zeigler to request touch DNA testing in his case. Judge Whitehead denied that request for touch DNA on July 18, 2016. On November […]

Who murdered Debra Joyce Bruce?

Debra Joyce Bruce (Nov 11, 1956 – Nov 10, 1976) was found murdered one day shy of her birthday in Slocum, Anderson County, Texas. She was a housewife and had married James Robbins just five months ago in June. A passerby saw the house on fire and called the fire department. Fire fighters found Debra between […]

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle is anything but straightforward or clear cut. His pregnant wife’s estimated time of dead occurred hours before she was found. In that time period, Eddie was at work. Paula was portrait as a happily expecting first time mom while she had a history of a suicide attempt and on no […]

Zeigler: his latest motion denied

Zeigler’s latest motion to vacate judgment was denied.  On November 13, 2012. Judge Whitehead denied the motion to vacate judgment of conviction and sentence based on newly discovered evidence in the case of William Thomas Zeigler. Mr. Zeigler has been on death row for the 1975 quadruple murders that took place on Christmas Eve inside […]