No retrial in Hina Family Murders

There will be no retrial in Hina Family Murders after the prosecution decided to not retry David McLeod for the deaths of the Hina Family in 1989. McLeod was held without bond since his 2010 arrest. A mistrial was declared on Dec 19, 2013. The retrial was scheduled for April 14, 2014. McLeod is free […]

Trial starts in the Hina Family Murders

Trial starts in the Hina Family Murders today. The Hina Family was killed during a 1989 fatal fire at a Keene apartment complex, New Hampshire. From the SFGate: “David McLeod has pleaded not guilty to four counts of second-degree murder. He is accused of igniting a blaze in a drug-fueled rage on Jan. 14, 1989, […]

Update McLeod in 1989 arson case

Prosecutors have recently filed a brief with the New Hampshire Supreme Court arguing for the admission of evidence they deem critical to their 1989 arson case against David McLeod that killed the Hina Family. “Earlier this year, the high court accepted a pretrial appeal from the N.H. Attorney General’s Office, which is asking it to […]

NHSC to hear David McLeod appeal

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has accepted an appeal by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office in the case against David McLeod. Prosecutors have until June 15 to file a brief as posted by the Sentinel Source. McLeod is accused of setting fire to a multi-unit apartment building in the early morning hours of January 14, […]

Hina Family Murders trial on hold

From the New Hampshire Sentinel: “The [Hina Family] case — originally slated for trial in August — has been delayed twice and will remain on hold indefinitely while the N.H. Supreme Court considers whether to hear an appeal from the N.H. Attorney General’s Office of a pre-trial ruling by Judge Marguerite L. Wageling, who is presiding […]

Update 1989 Hina Murders

The hearing into the Hina Murders today brought forward some more details about the fire. Key is of course whether the fire was accidental or arson. Also, exactly where  was the point of origin and what was the material that ignited first. From the New Hampshire Sentinel Source Online: “On Wednesday, a federal fire investigator […]