Hina Family Murders trial on hold

From the New Hampshire Sentinel: “The [Hina Family] case — originally slated for trial in August — has been delayed twice and will remain on hold indefinitely while the N.H. Supreme Court considers whether to hear an appeal from the N.H. Attorney General’s Office of a pre-trial ruling by Judge Marguerite L. Wageling, who is presiding over the case. 

In the meantime, defense attorneys for [David] McLeod have filed a motion requesting he be allowed bail while the Supreme Court considers the appeal.”

McLeod is accused of setting fire to a multi-unit apartment building in the early morning hours of January 14, 1989, that claimed the lives of Carl Hina, 49; his wife, Lori Hina, 26; Carl’s 12-year-old daughter, Sara, and the couple’s 4-month-old daughter, Lillian. The medical examiner later ruled they died of smoke inhalation.

McLeod was held without bond since his 2010 arrest. A mistrial was declared on Dec 19, 2013. A retrial was scheduled for April 14, 2014. However, the New Hampshire Attorney General announced on Feb 13, 2014 that after a thorough review, the decision has been made to forego the April 2014 retrial and avoid a double jeopardy issue. This way they preserve the State’s ability to retry McLeod in the future should additional evidentiary and legal avenues develop. This case hinges on forensic arson detection.

UPDATE: McLeod was denied bail. Read more here.

To be continued!