Vickie Lynn Harrell, more information

On August 12, 1972 Vickie Lynn Harrell stepped into her 4-door dark blue 1965 Plymouth Valiant. She was in the K-Mart parking lot on the east side of Bloomington, Indiana. This is the last time she was seen alive. On August 13, 1972 when Vickie does not return home, her roommate reports her missing to […]

Norma Diane Cramer (1946 – 1968)

On July 2, 1968, Norma Diane Cramer traveled from her home in Elyria (Ohio) to see her old boyfriend Mark Varasso in Portage (Indiana). Norma’s remains were found on August 17, 1968. She left behind a little girl, Mary. This is the Case of the Month for May 2018. The call for modern technology This […]

Steven Alfred Harris (1949-1988)

On August 24, 1988, Steven Alfred Harris, Sr. “was found on Olio Road in Hamilton county near Geist Reservoir, Indiana. The Harris’ had been fishing and someone shot the elder Harris as they were walking back to their car.” This information comes from the website of the Indiana State Police (ISP). I have several problems […]

Vickie Lynn Harrell (1946-1972)

The story of Vickie Lynn Harrell (Aug. 15, 1946 – Aug. 14, 1972) is hardly touched upon online aside from the posting of repeated information. All the more reason to explore as Cold Case of the Month for June 2017. The Case From the Indiana State Police we learn the following: August 12, 1972: Vickie Lynn […]

Fingerprint Misidentification

Fingerprint Misidentification: State of Indiana v. Lana Canen. Based on a fingerprint misidentification, Lana Canen spent eight years in prison for a murder she did not commit. But now, she has finally been exonerated of Helen Sailor’s 2002 murder. From the Wrongful Convictions Blog: “On Thanksgiving 2002, Helen Sailor, an elderly woman living in Elkhart, Indiana, was […]

R.I.P. Brandon Meredith

Tragedy has struck the family of Brandon Meredith. Very early this morning, Brandon was found dead at his sister’s home. Brandon Meredith was Trisha’s brother whose cold case can be found here on DCC. The cause of Brandon’s death is still unknown and details will follow later. Trisha’s case is not forgotten. During his life, Brandon made […]

Arrest in 1979 murder of Kathy Jo Baker

Richard L. Boswell Jr., a convicted sex offender, has been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder in the 1979 murder of Kathy Jo Baker (20). That case was recently reopened by the Indiana State Police. He made his initial appearance this morning in Vigo Superior Court 6 to face the allegation that he abducted […]

Guilty Plea in 1980 murder of William Cooke

In July 1980, William Cooke (49) was found stabbed to death in the Ramada Inn, Lafayette, Indiana. Police took an ashtray with a cigarette butt with them as evidence. In 1980, DNA testing was unavailable. Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Steve Kohne said that the case went cold a few days after the murder. He even […]