Case of the Month: Jackie Johns

Case of the Month: Jackie Johns (20) was last seen alive on June 17, 1985. The next day, her sports car was found abandoned. The backseat was covered in blood as were the clothing police found there (a top, jeans, and underwear all soaked in blood). On June 22, 1985, Jackie’s nude body was pulled from […]

Case of the Month: Carmen Melinda Croan

Case of the Month: Carmen Melinda Croan (Jan 16, 1963 – Aug 23, 1981). The only information on the Odessa Crime Stoppers page is as follows: “It has been over 20 years since the brutal slaying of Carmen Croan. Her body was found on August 23, 1981 on an oilfield lease 12 mile north of […]

Case of the Month: the Grahlman murders

Case of the Month: the Grahlman murders from April 5, 2003. I read about the Grahlman arson/double homicide case on Jody Ewing’s excellent blog. Many questions popped up in my mind and they remain unanswered: the exact cause of the fire that was ruled arson (the Gazette, July 16, 2004) the exact place of origin […]

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask: by request, I post all three parts that I wrote as guest posts for other bloggers here for readability. ___________________________________ I like to read about old unsolved cases. We usually refer to them as historical mysteries. One of them is the story of the unknown prisoner or the man […]

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt. Michall has been very active in trying to get justice for Tess. This letter, printed with his permission, is an update about the case. Open letter from M. Holmes: “Hi V, It is almost 11 months ago since we began to defrost Tess’ case. Tess was brutally murdered […]

Book alert about the case of Kathy Whorton

Kathy’s sister Debbie Wilson is releasing a book called “Sweet Scent of Justice” to tell the story of her sister’s murder. Police found her car abandoned near the then-Northeast Louisiana University, where she was a college student. Less than an hour later, an anonymous caller led authorities to her body. Kathy had been shot twice in […]

Possible prosecution in 1985 Blakelock case

All the papers were buzzing since last night about a possible prosecution in the 1985 cold case of UK Police Officer Keith Blakelock. Officer Blakelock and his colleague Pc Coombes was was attacked by 300-strong mob as he tried to protect firefighters who were tackling a supermarket blaze at the height of the riot known as the […]