The Lady in the Barrel is identified!

The lady in the Barrel” has been identified by DNA. Forensic scientists used DNA that was collected during the autopsy of Tracie De Ann Lutz. Tracie was killed in 1990. Her DNA was used to identify her slain twin sister Stacie Anderson.

Stacie’s skeletal remains were found stuffed inside a barrel at her husband’s home in 2010. Her husband, Dennis Anderson, later committed suicide after being hunted by police. In a suicide note he confessed that he had killed his wife. Stacie Anderson had not been seen since 1999. Dennis Anderson never reported her missing.

Dennis Anderson was wanted for questioning after a grisly find of a woman’s dead body in a barrel on his property. The lady in the barrel has not been identified yet but according to the search warrant the woman was not wearing any pants or underwear but had a T-shirt on marked with a blue-flowered pattern and the word “Cherokee.”