Three Wrongful Convictions in the news

Three wrongful convictions in the news. These men served between 13 and 36 years in prisons for crimes they did not commit. I hope that we will continue to investigate these murders. Someone else was responsible in all these cases. These victims should not become forgotten files in an archive. Kaj Linna, Sweden (single person […]

The Cold Case of Eleanor C. Parker

The Cold Case of Eleanor C. Parker (December 6, 1962 – missing Nov 10, 1981) is in need of more attention. Eleanor Parker (18) graduated from Lee High School, had moved into an apartment with three other (female) roommates, and planned to attend Louisiana State University (LSU). She was last seen at her parents’ house […]

More about Demisha Armbruster

We have more details about Demisha Armbruster (April 27, 1965 – June 18, 1988) thanks to police. The authorities have given me permission to use five quotes and this photograph of Demisha Armbruster. 1: “The location at which her vehicle was recovered, and which is presumed to be the location at which she was abducted, […]

Kathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013

Kathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013 Great news in the cold case of Kathy Whorton: her case will be discussed by Paula Zahn. The program is “On the Case with Paula Zahn” and it will be on the Investigation Discovery Channel (I.D. Channel). Paula’s TV schedule is here but as I post this, the last […]

Book alert about the case of Kathy Whorton

Kathy’s sister Debbie Wilson is releasing a book called “Sweet Scent of Justice” to tell the story of her sister’s murder. Police found her car abandoned near the then-Northeast Louisiana University, where she was a college student. Less than an hour later, an anonymous caller led authorities to her body. Kathy had been shot twice in […]

New trial in Central City Massacre

An Orleans Parish Criminal District Court judge today granted a new trial for Michael Anderson in the 2006 Central City massacre that left five teenagers dead, agreeing with the defense team that prosecutors violated the rules at his August trial that ended with a jury condemning Anderson to death row. “The ends of justice require that […]