Oronoque Rd John Doe

Milford Police in Connecticut is asking for your help to identify this man. I have named him Oronoque Rd John Doe as this was where the unidentified man was found in August 21, 1992. Milford Police Detective Mitchell Warwick told News8 the following: on August 21,1992 two pedestrians found skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket across the street […]

Norma Diane Cramer (1946 – 1968)

On July 2, 1968, Norma Diane Cramer traveled from her home in Elyria (Ohio) to see her old boyfriend Mark Varasso in Portage (Indiana). Norma’s remains were found on August 17, 1968. She left behind a little girl, Mary. This is the Case of the Month for May 2018. The call for modern technology This […]

Who killed Joseph Ralph Flores?

Joseph Ralph Flores (Dec 30, 1960 – March 3, 1990) was shot to death on March 3, 1990 at the Circle K in El Cerrito, Riverside County, California. Joseph was found around 220am lying in the parking lot of the store that is located at 19570 Temescal Canyon Road, El Cerrito. He had gunshot wounds to […]

The Sims Family: 1966-2016

The Sims Family Murders (Tallahassee, Florida) are Case of the Month for October as this year marks the 50th anniversary of their unsolved homicides. We lost Robert Wilson Sims (Aug. 24, 1924 – Oct. 22, 1966), Helen Sollie Sims (Feb. 23, 1932 – Oct. 31, 1966), and Joy Lynn Sims (Mar. 5, 1954 – Oct. […]

The cold case of Albert Edwin Seaburg

The cold case of Albert Edwin Seaburg (March 4, 1926 – Sept 4, 1997) is Case of the Month for September. Albert E. Seaburg (71) was murdered while traveling through Florida. His home state was Illinois. The Florida authorities believe that he was shot during a robbery. He was found dead in his Best Inn […]

Case of the Month: Brandon Tyree McCullough

Case of the Month: Brandon Tyree McCullough (25) was killed outside his Oaks of Brandlewood apartment in Savannah (Georgia) shortly before 8pm on December 27, 2009. He had a gunshot wound to his head. Canvassing the area didn’t give the authorities enough information to conduct a successful investigation. They still wish to talk to people. […]

Case of the Month: Mark Carlson

Case of the Month: Mark Carlson 1957-1974. “We know that on October 20, 1974, Mark Carlson heads into Boise County to do some hunting and doesn’t return home that night,” according to Idaho State Police Captain Bill Gardiner. And that ‘s the gist of the case. Mark Carlson left to go hunting. A store clerk saw […]

Case of the Month: Amparo Arias Torres

Case of the Month: Amparo Arias Torres’ son Alex contacted me a few months ago. He told me that his mother’s 1981 murder was still unsolved. The Miami-Dade Cold Case website describes Amparo’s 1981 homicide case as follows: “On June 11, 1981 at 11121 S.W. 88 Street, Apartment A-201, the body of Amparo Arias Torres (29) […]