Robert Henderson: trial starts

The trial against Jason Lee McCormick for the 1996 murder of Robert Henderson has started. Unfortunately, I must log in or buy a subscription to read the full article. Since I refuse to do that, I can only give you a bit of information. If you find full and free articles, please give me the links! From […]

Update Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson visited the University of Hawaii in the summer of ’96. Five days later his naked body would be discovered at the Ilikai Hotel. Fourteen years later Jason Lee McCormick came forward to say he did it. “Everyone agrees to the facts. There is no question in the government’s mind, or my mind, as to what happened. The question […]

Henderson suspect gives handwriting sample

A state judge ordered Jason Lee McCormick yesterday to provide handwriting samples for investigators to compare with what was written on a murder victim’s body. Immediately after the judge handed down the order, a Honolulu Police Department document examiner was in the courtroom to retrieve the samples. McCormick, 36, is awaiting trial for second-degree murder […]

Robert Henderson case update

Robert Henderson was or was not killed by Jason Lee McCormick. He says he”doesn’t know if he did it or he didn’t do it,” attorney Michael Green said. Hawaiian police have charged McCormick with second-degree murder for the July 1996 killing of Robert Henderson. The linguistics professor was a guest lecturer at the University of Hawaii […]

Robert Henderson Case: arrest

A Honolulu grand jury last Thursday indicted Jason Lee McCormick, 36, on charges he murdered a visiting linguistics professor in 1996. Robert Henderson, 51, was found dead in his Waikiki hotel room in July 1996, with a handwritten note on his body accusing him of molesting young boys. Robert Henderson was a respected Professor at […]