New developments Quang Lu

Toronto homicide detectives believe a north Scarborough home is where a reputed gangster was killed before his body was encased in a cement-filled barrel and dumped in Lake Ontario. Police showed up with a search warrant late Monday at 12 Shallowford Ct. to look for evidence in the case of Quang Lu, 47. They are working […]

Update Quang Lu

Police believed millionaire loan shark Quang Lu was murdered shortly after he disappeared in October 2007. The discovery of a body in a barrel last week on Sunday proved the prediction by police specializing in Asian organized crime was correct. Homicide detectives said Tuesday the well-preserved body of Quang Lu known on the streets as […]

Update Toronto’s Quang Lu

Police have identified the body found encrusted in cement, inside a barrel that was pulled from Lake Ontario, as that of Quang Lu. The 47-year-old man went missing from Markham in October 2007 after returning from a trip to China. Police told 680News Lu was known to them and had ties to Asian organized crime. The barrel […]