The Murder of Christine Prince

Please welcome guest blogger M.L. Poncelet. After hearing about the 1982 Christine Prince case, she agreed to guest blog about it. Asked how she would describe herself: “I’m a cosy mystery writer living on the west coast of Canada in an area that is full of characters and inspiration for my stories.  I also enjoy being an […]

If I scream, will you help me?

I had every intention to blog today but after reading the papers, I couldn’t. I could not shake the image of the old lady out of my head. Scratching the car to try and pull herself up. She screamed, people heard but nobody bothered to go outside to check. Nobody even bothered to call 911 to let the cops […]

New developments Quang Lu

Toronto homicide detectives believe a north Scarborough home is where a reputed gangster was killed before his body was encased in a cement-filled barrel and dumped in Lake Ontario. Police showed up with a search warrant late Monday at 12 Shallowford Ct. to look for evidence in the case of Quang Lu, 47. They are working […]

Update Quang Lu

Police believed millionaire loan shark Quang Lu was murdered shortly after he disappeared in October 2007. The discovery of a body in a barrel last week on Sunday proved the prediction by police specializing in Asian organized crime was correct. Homicide detectives said Tuesday the well-preserved body of Quang Lu known on the streets as […]

Update Toronto’s Quang Lu

Police have identified the body found encrusted in cement, inside a barrel that was pulled from Lake Ontario, as that of Quang Lu. The 47-year-old man went missing from Markham in October 2007 after returning from a trip to China. Police told 680News Lu was known to them and had ties to Asian organized crime. The barrel […]

Update Toronto’s grisly discoveries

Human remains found in two separate locations in cottage country ­almost a two-hour drive apart – belong to the same man, the OPP said Monday. Post-mortem conducted on the remains found north of Barrie and near Huntsville Saturday revealed they belonged to the same person, a still unknown male victim, police said. “We have confirmed, […]