Missing: Loy Gillespie Evitts

Loy Gillespie Evitts (Dec 12, 1947 – missing Feb 28, 1977) disappeared more than 40 years ago. She was 29 years old. Introduction The Kansas City Police Department (MO) think that someone abducted Loy. This is their longest unsolved missing person’s case. There are no new leads. They have suspended the case until they receive new […]

Update Waldo rapist!

Jackson County prosecutors today filed 22 charges against Bernard Jackson, a twice-convicted sex offender, in connection with the series of rapes that terrified women in the Waldo area a year ago. Prosecutors used DNA from a lotion bottle and a shirt to link Jackson, 53, to two of the five attacks that happened between September […]

Police Reopen 1970 murder Leon Jordan

Police want to reopen the cold case of Leon Jordan. Kansas City police announced this today. Leon Jordan was a civil rights and political leader. In a news release, police said that they “have located the weapon used in the murder and partial fingerprints taken from the weapon and cars around the crime scene. The fingerprints […]