Manoa murder mystery

While renovating a home at 3156 Oahu Avenue, Manoa, Hawaii, construction workers found human remains buried in dirt under a concrete slab. Renovation can indeed lead to surprises. This is the same way that ultimately Elizabeth Heath was found.

Police told Hawaii News Now that the remains belonged to a man who had been shot in the head several times. They believe that the remains have been there since the 1970s.

The preliminary investigation results:

  • the man was Caucasian
  • between 30 and 55 years old when he was killed
  • medium build
  • between 5’4″ and 5’6″
  • dressed in Levis panatela brand pants, a dark colored shirt, and was wearing white tube socks with blue trim.

There are two structures on the property. The home in front is divided into three rental units. There is a cottage in back. The remains were found under a slab near that cottage. Tenants in the front house said that the owner bought the property just a few years ago. Police are searching records to find out who lived in the home when the body was buried.

Police are asking anyone who may know something about the case, or who remembers a missing person in the 70’s fitting the description of the deceased, to please call them. Their contact information is here. The article is here.