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DNA Profiling in Cold Cases – The UK Process

Please welcome our first guest blogger: Sue Carney. Sue is an FSS senior forensic scientist. Her areas of expertise include body fluid interpretation and DNA evidence. She has worked on a number of cold cases. You can follow Sue on Twitter. _________________________ DNA Profiling in Cold Cases – The UK Process by Sue Carney DNA profiling […]

Sum it Up! #7

This week’s Sum it Up is about relief for many people. First of all, for Victor Nealon in the UK. In 1996, Victor Nealon was accused of an attempted sexual assault. Now, there is hope that we can prove his innocence. “Lawyers for a man jailed for attempted sexual assault believe his release is one […]

Update Waldo rapist!

Jackson County prosecutors today filed 22 charges against Bernard Jackson, a twice-convicted sex offender, in connection with the series of rapes that terrified women in the Waldo area a year ago. Prosecutors used DNA from a lotion bottle and a shirt to link Jackson, 53, to two of the five attacks that happened between September […]

Vidocq presents Jane Rapin!

Meet Jane Rapin, a mature newly qualified (NQ) employment lawyer. Jane is not one to sit still. She is learning to fly, rides motorbikes, cannot be photographed unless she gets to wear a costume, and she readily tackles any DIY job. Following a career break, she wishes to resume her legal career and is therefore currently […]


#CCLiveChat on Twitter with Joe & I starting Feb 2011. What? Live Chat on Twitter! This means that Joe and I will be behind their computers for a live chat on Twitter! Really? Yes, between noon-1pm EST you can join our live chat to discuss unsolved homicides (and more) and brainstorm with others participating in […]

Sum it up! #6

For this Sum it Up, I, have done a lot of listening. I listened to family members who desperately wish to have answers. I “listened” to case files in hopes that I would catch what they were trying to tell me, and I listened to new proposals for collaborations. When I made my round around […]

Update Teekah Lewis

On January 23, 1999, Teekah Lewis(2) went bowling with her mother, family and friends at the New Frontier Lanes on South Center Street, Tacoma, Washington, at about 10:30 p.m. They had rented lanes 7 and 8 in the 32-lane bowling complex. The mother kept an eye on Teekah except for one moment to watch her brother bowl. When […]

Sum it up! #5

In this Sum it up I’d like to draw your attention to four websites or blogs that have kept me busy reading all week. The first one is “the Civil Rights Cold Case Project.”  On this site you can find information about cases related to the Civil Rights Era and some you will recognize since […]