Interesting find re Sharron Prior

Interesting find re Sharron Prior. While surfing the web I found this in the Canadian cold case of Sharron Prior: “The newspaper reports from that time all reported Sharron was found in a field. There may have been a field in the back of where she was found, but she was actually found in a small alcove […]

UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior

UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior. An interesting web find and I could use your help to figure out what it really means: “What ever happened to mike french. he was cut up into little pieces for raping sharron prior.She was the daughter of one of his decieced brothers.Mike and his buddy ,we all know who […]

Sum it up! #5

In this Sum it up I’d like to draw your attention to four websites or blogs that have kept me busy reading all week. The first one is “the Civil Rights Cold Case Project.”  On this site you can find information about cases related to the Civil Rights Era and some you will recognize since […]

Sum it up! #3

Week 3: Sum it up! We saw a mixed bag of information this week about cold cases, DNA, forensic labs, testing and of course, funding. DNA was instrumental in cracking the 1994 throat slashing murder of Theresa Whetstone (Buffalo, NY) and the 1985 murder of Candace Derksen (Elmwood, Canada). At the same time, we see DNA backlogs […]

Update Sharron Prior

Update Sharron Prior. This case has been in the top five “best read posts” on DCC ever since it got posted in December 2010. It created discussions per email. Readers told me many interesting facts. I asked whether I could use parts of their information online. This information is not found in any of the newspaper […]

Sum it up! #51

In this Sum it up! we follow the progress in some cold case investigations. Progress in UK cold case investigation resulted in justice when  Judge John Devaux sentenced Peter Hull to six years incarceration for the 1994 rape of an unidentified woman. “A review of the case was undertaken in 2008 and DNA put on to the national database. A […]