Trayvon Martin: interesting questions.

Last night I was making my rounds around the blogs. I stopped by Norm’s. Norm Pattis always makes me think. Last night, Norm made me mad. You see, I had not seen the article he pointed out. In his blog post “Why Florida v. Zimmerman is necessary” he discussed an article concerning the shooting of Trayvon […]

Sum it up! #6

For this Sum it Up, I, have done a lot of listening. I listened to family members who desperately wish to have answers. I “listened” to case files in hopes that I would catch what they were trying to tell me, and I listened to new proposals for collaborations. When I made my round around […]

Vidocq presents… Norm Pattis

Norm Pattis is a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer. He believes that the state is a necessary fiction and that taking it too seriously is the first step toward tyranny. Get to know him better! 1: what’s your most favourite part of the day? The first hour of the day: It’s too early for the phones […]

Scott Greenfield, the man behind Simple Justice

Scott Greenfield, the man behind Simple Justice: Norm Pattis alerted me to this issue Scott faces. To explain the matter to you, I am going to copy shamelessly from Scott’s post (I can do that, it is for a good cause): “You may have noticed that I included my name in the title of this […]