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Sum it Up! #8

Let’s do things differently this Sum it Up and not highlight cold cases or DNA. If you filter those out from what I read this week there are enough exciting and sometimes chilling articles and posts left to write about. Granta’s article “A beheading” is bone chilling and an ice cold, brilliantly written account by […]

Kentucky State Police’s Unsolved Cases

The Kentucky State Police is actively pursuing new ways to get answers in their unsolved cases. They have distributed 400 card decks to inmates in hopes to get tips about some of their cases featured on the card decks. If you like to see the card deck, click here. From the Evansville Courier and Press: “The […]

Launching #CCLiveChat

This Friday, we launch our #CCLiveChat or Cold Case Live Chat on Twitter. Joe and I are very excited about this and hope you will join us. We have already heard from the following folks on Twitter that they will be participating: @GavWard @Catcop13 @ArcadiaPD @LilacLounge @ForensicWriter @IowaColdCases @dedekeene @unsolvedmurders @CathyScott @bluedog89 @Pam_nAshes @MPLASD cannot make it this […]

Update Moira Holly Branagan

We have renewed activity in the Branagan case. Currently, we are actively investigating Holly’s former friends, classmates, and neighbourhood kids. What we are looking for is: abrupt behavioural changes right after the murder which one of her former friends/classmates committed suicide which one of her former friends/classmates has been committed to a psychiatric hospital which one […]

Update Stephen Miera

Stephen Miera‘s family has provided me with more details. Stephen was the oldest child and only son of Stephen M. Miera Sr. and Carmen Baca Miera.  The Mieras also had five daughters: Rosaline Perea, Lucille Miera (married to a man with the same last name), Edna O’Loughlin, Patricia Young, and the youngest Antonia Light. Antonia, the baby of the family, […]

Continuance in Trey Noah murder trial

District Judge Keith Williams granted a continuance in the murder trial of Trey Noah, Kendalia, Texas. “Shelby Moore, 19, and Brandon Harber, 20, were arrested and charged in connection with the crime and were expected in court this week to stand trial. Moore is being held in the Bandera County Jail. Harber posted a $300,000 […]

The 1974 murder of Stephen Miera

The 1974 murder of Stephen Miera was discussed in the Albuquerque Journal of August 7, 1974. His family is still searching for answers and has contacted me. What do we know? Stephen was found bludgeoned to death in his Hawthorne (CA) real estate and insurance agency. His body was found by an employee on August […]

The 1963 murder of Mary Frances Reid

Portland Police (OR) are looking for Johnny Lawrence, a 90-year-old black man, who is about 5-foot-7. Lawrence is suspected of killing Mary Frances Reid (22) on April 8, 1963. Whether Lawrence is still alive or, when he died, is unknown. There are no details about the connection or relationship between Reid and Lawrence. There is no photograph […]