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Remains Ryan Eugene Guitron found

The skeletal remains of Ryan Eugene Guitron from Fort Collins, missing for six years, have been found in rural Kimball County, Neb., and a multi-jurisdictional investigation is under way since last Monday. According to investigators, the remains of 30-year-old Ryan Eugene Guitron were found in a woodpile on an abandoned farmstead. A former roommate of […]

Update Hank Skinner Case

The United States Supreme Court Justices put off a decision in the Hank Skinner case. It is from Texas, a state that executes more prisoners per year than any other state. Hank Skinner made an actual innocence claim, demanding DNA testing on other evidence gathered at the crime scene. The justices had issued a stay just before […]

Update 1984 Cold Case of Elizabeth Heath

Elizabeth Heath, the 30-year-old mother whose skeletal remains were found last Wednesday in a chamber beneath the sub-flooring in a barn, was the victim of a homicide, the state medical examiner announced on Friday. The medical examiner’s office did not release the cause of Heath’s death at the request of prosecutors, who did not want […]

Missing Woman’s Remains Found 26 Years

The discovery of a femur bone during renovation at a Newtown property led police to a full human skeleton that was positively identified as missing woman Elizabeth Heath on Thursday evening. Dental records on file since Elizabeth Heath went missing in 1984 while she was divorcing her husband John, matched teeth found in a skull […]

Zeigler, Part VII: The Thompson Report

Vicki Harley Holland has a website about Tommy Zeigler. It is called “Prayers for Tommy.” She commented on my previous posting “This post will be written by you.” In it, she refers to “Fatal Flaw” by Phillip Finch, the book I also recommend. In the middle of her website, near the top, you see “Letters […]

Missing: Alex Spence

Alex Spence is missing since Saturday April 10, 2010 at 10.30pm when he left Princes Avenue, Hull (UK) to walk home on Beverley Road, Hull (UK). His family is desperate to know whether he is okay. Alexander Spence, 30, had been drinking with his sister’s husband Alan Bentley and friend Giles Shaw in Princes Avenue. The three men visited the Linnet and Lark, […]

Gummy Fingers, on sale now!

LAHORE, PAKISTAN: Fingerprint identification, which was supposed to be the last barrier to stop forgery in NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) and the Passport Department, is now being rendered useless by the use of ‘gummy fingers’ (artificial fingerprints) with the cooperation of officials. People claim that by paying Rs 300,000 to Rs 500,000, anyone could get […]


In 2002, a woman of West African origin was arrested in Glasgow in connection with the murder of a young boy whose torso was found in the Thames in London. The child’s torso, clad only in a pair of orange shorts, was spotted floating in the Thames near Tower Bridge on 21 September, 2001. It had […]