Jury finds John Heath guilty

Jury finds John Heath guilty for the murder of Elizabeth Gough-Heath. From the CTPost: “The jury’s verdict was returned just over an hour after they re-heard a surreptitiously recorded interview in which Heath made denigrating comments to police about his wife’s fitness as a mother, as well as other statements that just didn’t ring true […]

Heath murder trial delayed to March

John Heath’s murder trial delayed. It is now set for March 20, 2013. The CT Post writes “John Heath, the Newtown man who was charged last year with his wife’s decades-old murder, had his trial at Danbury Superior Court continued to March 20, according to the city’s state’s attorney’s office.  His attorney, Frank O’Reilly, previously derided the prosecution’s case […]

Update trial re Elizabeth Heath

Update in the trial re Elizabeth Heath: John Heath will stand trial in his wife’s death. To follow the court case in Elizabeth Heath’s trial you need these details: Court: Danbury GA 3 and JD The docket number: DBD -CR12-0143924-S Next Court Date: 7/12/2012 10:00 AM Dr. H. Wayne Carver, the chief state medical examiner, was in charge of […]

Elizabeth Heath autopsy details

More details have appeared in the Hartford Courant about Elizabeth Heath‘s violent death. Dr. H. Wayne Carver, the chief state medical examiner, was in charge of Elizabeth’s autopsy. It was not easy for him. Elizabeth’s remains covered 188 separate envelopes. “Gough Heath’s maxilla — the upper jaw — had been traumatically amputated from the skull, the […]

Arrest in cold case Elizabeth Heath

Police have arrested John Heath for murder in connection with the killing of his wife, Elizabeth Heath, 28 years ago. Elizabeth was reported missing in 1984. Her skeletal remains were found beneath the subflooring in a barn in April 2010. Heath, 68, of Bridgewater was arrested by warrant last Monday. He was charged with murder and held […]

Elizabeth Heath: homicide confirmed

The Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner has officially confirmed what the Newtown and state police have been saying all along: Elizabeth Heath‘s death was a homicide. Heath’s death was caused by “blunt traumatic head injury by a forceful blow to the head” a spokeswoman for the office said Wednesday afternoon. She was unable to […]

Update Elizabeth Heath

Nearly three weeks since Elizabeth Heath‘s remains were found, the medical examiner still has not identified the cause of death, police said. “They’re still doing forensic testing,” Police Chief Michael Kehoe said of staff at the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Kehoe said the medical examiner’s office has more work to do before […]

Update 1984 Cold Case of Elizabeth Heath

Elizabeth Heath, the 30-year-old mother whose skeletal remains were found last Wednesday in a chamber beneath the sub-flooring in a barn, was the victim of a homicide, the state medical examiner announced on Friday. The medical examiner’s office did not release the cause of Heath’s death at the request of prosecutors, who did not want […]