Sally Shepherd, more details

My readers are the best. I said it before and I will keep saying it. Three readers have contacted me about the Sally Shepherd case providing more details. The Case Sally Shepherd was picked up somewhere in Peckham, South London, stripped naked, raped, and beaten to death at the end of 1979. She was struck […]

Sally Shepherd, Margaret Lightfoot, and Clara Kirton

The unsolved homicides of Sally Shepherd, Margaret Lightfoot, and Clara Kirton feature as Cold Cases of the Month for September 2017. My friend Steve Morton told me about the unsolved homicides of Sally Shepherd and Margaret Lightfoot. I googled their names and found information on the BBC’s website from December, 2016. While reading about Sally’s […]

Dirty Old London by Lee Jackson

Dirty Old London by Lee Jackson brings to live the filthy Victorian age of raw sewage, cesspools, and rotting corpses. Jackson describes the battle between refuse collection for a profit and as a general matter of health. Each has its consequences for the economy (healthy workforce) so politics play a huge role in allocating money, […]

The Yard by Alex Grecian

The Yard by Alex Grecian really shows you how book characters evolve. People pick up the courage to talk. New police officers who made tactical mistakes in the beginning get their act together and with team work finally solve the crime. A child perseveres despite torturous treatment and miraculously never loses trust in the general […]


In 2002, a woman of West African origin was arrested in Glasgow in connection with the murder of a young boy whose torso was found in the Thames in London. The child’s torso, clad only in a pair of orange shorts, was spotted floating in the Thames near Tower Bridge on 21 September, 2001. It had […]