Missing: Giannina and John Colonna Aponte

Giannina and John Colonna Aponte/Grid AdSGiannina Maria Colonna Aponte and John “Gianot” Colonna Aponte, Jr were last seen alive on May 4, 1974 after 730pm in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Their cases were entered in NamUs in 2010.

There is hardly anything online about these siblings. I hope that by posting this, we can get their cases back into the spotlights.

What do we know?

Giannina Maria Colonna Aponte (born April 19, 1963) was 11 when she went missing. Together with her brother, John “Gianot” Colonna Aponte, Jr (born February 19, 1962) who was then 12 years old, she left home to go to the beach.

They were supposed to meet a friend of the family and his three children. Later when their mother came for them, the friend said her children were not with him. I trust the authorities questioned this man and eliminated him as a suspect.


Giannina has black hair, black eyes, a small birthmark on her right cheek. There are no dental records, no DNA, and no fingerprints on file.

John has black hair and brown eyes. There are no dental records, no DNA, and no fingerprints on file.

As the parents’ DNA is available (see below) this should be corrected asap.

Kidnapped for ransom

There is speculation that the children were kidnapped for ransom. The number $72’000 is mentioned online. Eight months after the children disappeared, a man named Thomas Rodriguez committed suicide in Florida. He left a note. He claimed to have been involved in this case.


$72’000 is an odd number to demand for two children. $36’000 per child? Is there a possibility that the number reflects something such as the sum on a bank or savings account statement someone saw? I think that if someone picks a random ransom sum they’d ask for $75’000. Was the mother from a wealthy family?

John Colonna, Sr

On the blog from the Charley Project I found this information about paternity tests from the children. I don’t think that matters. What matters is what the man who raised them represents if you wish to follow the ‘kidnapping’ theory.

Who was John Colonna who died in 1982? Was he a man who had enemies? Was he involved in a particular line of work? I think if we wish to go with kidnapping, he’s the first one to research. Not as a suspect but as a start to check the network of people who could have done this. And then see if Thomas Rodriguez has any connections to that network.

Nobody was ever arrested in this case. The children were never found.

Contact information

If you have any information about Giannina and John Colonna Aponte, please contact the Puerto Rico State Clearinghouse at 787-729-2457