Gregory McRoberts: hit-and-run victim

Gregory McRobertsOn Dec 12, 1991, Gregory McRoberts (24) was struck while riding his bicycle around 7 pm. He was near his home at 1862 S. Meridian in Lee Township (Michigan) according to Sheriff Jerry Nielsen. There is an article about this heartbreaking case on and I highly recommend reading it.

Greg was reported missing on December 16, 1991. Police found his body on January 4, 1992. Greg was partially submerged in a ditch on the west side of South Meridian south of Bradford, said Sheriff Nielsen.

Investigators believe that Greg was riding his bike to the Silver Creek Inn at 2185 S. Meridian, where he had left his vehicle after having car trouble that same day, said Nielsen. Evidence suggested that the striking vehicle might have been a light blue, 1982-1987 four-door Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass Supreme Brougham, said Nielsen. The vehicle would have sustained damage to the right front corner and there could have been some tan or red paint in the area of the damage.

Since 1991, authorities have been looking for answers. Today, they made publicly available a two-page anonymous letter that was supposedly written by the driver who struck Greg. The letter was sent to Greg’s parents on March 25th, 2005.

The letter, if genuine, speaks of the emotional toll that Greg’s death has taken on the writer’s life. It holds details about the writer, the accident, and an incident in Minnesota. Again if genuine, it shows that the writer is or was wrestling with his actions (and inactions) every day.

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gregory mcroberts

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If this writer is genuinely sorry, they should the truth.

Do you recognize the use of language? Do you recognize any of the details about the writer’s life? Do you remember people talking about Greg’s death? If so, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1(800) 422-5245 or the Midland County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 1(989) 839-4609.

UPDATE: the posting of the letter in full has led to comments and remarks that have been forwarded to the Midland County Sherrif’s Office.


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