Zeigler, Part VII: The Thompson Report

Vicki Harley Holland has a website about Tommy Zeigler. It is called “Prayers for Tommy.” She commented on my previous posting “This post will be written by you.” In it, she refers to “Fatal Flaw” by Phillip Finch, the book I also recommend.

In the middle of her website, near the top, you see “Letters from the Daughter of the Police Chief who arrested Tommy” with two links. These links show you two letter written by Christine Thompson, the daughter of the now deceased law enforcement officer Robert Thompson, the former Oakland Chief of Police.

She mentions the police report by her father that was lost for many years until it was “re-discovered” in the 90s. Most websites will only give you one or maybe two pages from the report. Many do not have all the pages. I do. Here is “the Buried Thompson Police Report” in its entirety.


  1. […] I: Chief Thompson’s police report as first officer at the scene was not given to the defense before trial or during discovery. In 1987, after Florida passed its Public Records Act, Zeigler’s appellate attorneys were granted access to the state attorney’s files of the case. That is when the Thompson report was discovered. In that report the Chief wrote that blood around Zeigler’s gunshot wound was dry and dark. But on the stand, he lied and claimed it was fresh. Fresh fitted the state’s theory. Dry did not. […]