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National Police Week 2011: Tribute to Burchfield

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Patrolman Burchfield of the Colorado Springs Police Department was shot to death on November 26, 1953, with a .22 caliber handgun by an unknown subject during an armed robbery investigation in the area of 1600 N. Wood Ave. That robbery was part of a pattern that had plagued the area. Burchfield was […]

National Police Week 2011: Joe Giacalone

This NYPD Detective Sergeant, Joe Giacalone, needs no introduction on DCC but in case you missed it, here is a previous interview with Joe. Joe is very active behind the scenes for DCC as he generously allows me to pick his brain at any given time. He participates in #cclivechat and helps with complex cases […]

National Police Week 2011: Tom Le Veque

Detective Sergeant Tom Le Veque has served with the Arcadia Police Department since 1987, promoting to Sergeant in 1991. Prior to that, Tom was a Police Officer for the City of San Marino Police Department from 1984-1987. He has embraced the media and tweets through these accounts: @ArcadiaPD and @TRLeVeque 1: How do you prefer for your […]

National Police Week 2011: Suzie Ivy

Detective Suzie Ivy is a sex crimes detective in a small Arizona Town. She became a police officer during a midlife crisis and now wouldn’t trade this career for anything! She blesses all the men and women in blue. 1: How do you prefer for your day? Do you have a special routine? Yes, very special. Two cups of coffee […]

National Police Week 2011: Tribute to Tatman

Champaign, Illinois: On November 25, 1967, police found patrol officer Tatman lying on his back in front of his own squad car, the motor still running, it’s revolving lights still on, and the front door at the driver’s side open. His flashlight was lying on his left side. His hat was on the ground near the […]

Follow-up #VII Karen Caughlin

Continuing our posts about the cold case of Karen Caughlin: 1: Karen had a tire mark on her back The tire mark was observed by Karen’s father in the morgue when he came to identify Karen. According to the family, the parents did go in first. Karen’s mother positively identified Karen but then broke down. […]

Sum it up! #18+#19

Welcome to another Sum it Up! We are gearing up for National Police Week in the USA to pay tribute to those fallen in the line of duty but also to the wonderful men and women serving every day. Cleared by DNA: Johnny Pinchback was released from prison after 27 years.  He’s the 22nd person cleared […]

Follow-up #VI Karen Caughlin

Continuing the posts in the cold case of Karen Caughlin: Guest post by Miriam Said and Stephanie Saunders with Alice de Sturler ________________________________________ We have some new details in the 1974 Canadian cold case of Karen Caughlin. Karen was NOT wearing saucer earrings but hoops. I think that we described them in an earlier post […]