National Police Week 2011: Tribute to Tatman

Champaign, Illinois: On November 25, 1967, police found patrol officer Tatman lying on his back in front of his own squad car, the motor still running, it’s revolving lights still on, and the front door at the driver’s side open. His flashlight was lying on his left side. His hat was on the ground near the […]

Update Betty Gene Hull

Investigators will check if any materials found at the Betty Gene Hull crime scene can be tested with modern technology for touch DNA. On Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, 1991, Mrs. Betty Gene Hull was found dead. She was 68 years old. When police arrived, it was immediately clear that whoever is responsible for her death was in […]

Killed in the line of duty

President Barack Obama paid tribute Saturday for a grateful nation to law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice while safeguarding their communities. Americans “rely on a certain order in our lives, a certain sense of security that lets us sleep safely in our beds and walk around our neighborhoods free from fear and go […]

McHenry Biggers

McHenry Biggers suffered a fatal heart attack during a home invasion on October 26, 1986. Allegedly, two men invaded the home he shared with his wife Bessie Mae Biggers in Champaign, Illinois. Mrs. Biggers called 911 at 1:09 am according to the dispatch log. Despite that police and emergency personnel arrived within minutes, Mr. Biggers […]

Shawn K. Simmons

On December 7, 1995, between 6 and 7 pm, Shawn K. Simmons’ neighbour heard shouting next door. Considering that Mr. Simmons led a quiet life, the shouting was unusual. In fact, it was so unusual that it made her open the bi-fold door to the furnace area to hear what was being said in the […]

Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson

Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson since December 9, 1986. Kim was reported missing by her parents, Barbara and Clyde Thompson. The last time they had heard from their daughter was on December 1, 1986, when her father dropped her off at her house. Her boyfriend later told police that he had not seen her since the beginning of […]