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No external review in Caughlin murder

The Observer reports that “The Ontario Provincial Police won’t be handing over its investigation of the Karen Caughlin murder to another police agency for external review. Commissioner Chris Lewis is confident OPP detectives have conducted a “thorough and professional” investigation and will not ask for an independent review of the cold case file, Insp. Dave […]

Recap #cclivechat May 27, 2011

A very fast cclivechat  but it produced a plan and a strategy. The general plan is to examine some famous cold cases together in a themed chat. Then, we discuss the case together where each participant reports according to their area of expertise. And then we jointly blog about it! We practise with famous cold cases first for the simple […]

Independent review in Karen Caughlin case

The Caughlin family is calling for an independent external review of the 1974 case of their daughter and little sister Karen Caughlin. “It’s been 37 years, and it’s time,” said Caughlin, who will hold a press conference in Sarnia next week to discuss and seek public support for the review. “This is not going to be […]

Update Manchester Building Female Skeleton

New details emerged and people have been ruled out by DNA in the case of the “Manchester Building Female Skeleton.” We now have a facial reconstruction of the victim. She was most likely European but could have come from the Middle East or Indian sub-continents. She also had a number of fillings in her teeth […]

Sum it up! #20

Welcome to another Sum it up! The UK Police is breaking the law by keeping DNA of the innocent in national database. The Chief who refuse to drop those profiles act unlawfully and violate privacy rights of those involved. “The ruling by the most senior judges in England and Wales says that the current police policy […]

Recap #cclivechat May 20, 2011

We did some much needed organizing during this cclivechat to be as effective as we can and to make the most of summer. I had sent out an email earlier to the core of the “chatters” about making cclivechat more effective. Do we need to change the time or day we have the chat? Do […]

National Police Week 2011: Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan is a retired 21-year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department on Long Island, NY. She studied Memoir Writing with Frank McCourt, Creative Nonfiction with Matt Klam, and Screenwriting Adaptation with Stephen Molton. Kathleen tweets as @katcop13. She is an active participant in #cclivechat and never hesitates to brainstorm on a case. She also blogs on Women […]

National Police Week 2011: Mike Parker

Captain Mike Parker, a 24-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, was recently promoted to the rank of Captain by Sheriff Lee Baca and assigned to the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau (SHB).  SHB leads the Media and Marketing efforts of the Department and coordinates the 24-hour dissemination of news and information to the general public, […]