Update Toronto’s Quang Lu

Police have identified the body found encrusted in cement, inside a barrel that was pulled from Lake Ontario, as that of Quang Lu. The 47-year-old man went missing from Markham in October 2007 after returning from a trip to China.

Police told 680News Lu was known to them and had ties to Asian organized crime. The barrel containing Lu’s body was pulled from the water just off the construction site for Canada’s Sugar Beach, Sunday. Police continue to search for Lu’s missing 2004 BMW Z4 convertible. The original post is here.

Update: Police believed millionaire loan shark Quang Lu was murdered shortly after he disappeared in October 2007. The discovery of a body in a barrel last week on Sunday proved the prediction by police specializing in Asian organized crime was correct.

Homicide detectives said Tuesday the well-preserved body of Quang Lu known on the streets as “Black Ghost” was found entombed in concrete inside a rusting 45-gallon drum on the bottom of Lake Ontario, off Sherbourne St. No one is in custody and the cause of death has yet to be determined, pending further post-mortem tests.

“Given that it appeared that Mr. Lu did live quite a high risk lifestyle, at this point I’d be foolish to say we’re not entertaining that there’s a criminal organization angle to this. Having said that, we are diligent about keeping an open mind.”