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Are you a blogger? Do you like to read blogs? If so, get excited: the first ever NRV Bloggers Convention is in the making! Creative brain: Alice de Sturler, true crime blogger and owner of Defrosting Cold Cases Partner: Lisa Bleakley, the ‎Executive Director of Tourism at Montgomery County/Christiansburg/Blacksburg, VA Are you a local blogger […]

Hagy pleads no contest, sentenced to life

William R. Hagy Jr., convicted of first-degree murder for strangling a Roanoke woman in 1984, pleaded no contest today to the 1985 murder of another woman in her Old Southwest home and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Hagy, 49, was sentenced to two concurrent life terms by Roanoke Circuit Judge William Broadhurst. Under a plea […]

Update Ray Hagy trial

William Ray Hagy Jr., who was convicted this week of one 1980s murder and is accused of another, is to plead no contest Friday to resolve the remaining charges against him, said his attorney, Gary Lumsden. Ray Hagy, 49, also is to be sentenced Friday, the Roanoke Circuit Court Clerk’s office confirmed. Ray Hagy, who […]

Hagy, presenting no defense, guilty of 1984 slaying

William Ray Hagy Jr. on Tuesday denied killing a Roanoke woman in 1984, speaking not from the witness stand in his murder trial but in a 2-year-old recorded interview played by prosecutors. “I have a feeling you’re going to charge me with this,” Hagy said in the conversation with the Roanoke police detective who reopened […]

Update Cynthia Denise McCray

Willam Hagy Jr. just pleaded not guilty in the  cold case murder of Cynthia Denise McCray from 1984, see my post “Hagy goes on trial today in 1984 slaying.” Hagy’s defense attorney argued for and won a bench trial, meaning there will not be a jury to decide Hagy’s guilty or innocence. The judge delayed a […]

Hagy on trial today in 1984 slaying

Two Roanoke women killed less than six months apart. Their unclothed bodies left about a mile from each other. Both strangled during or after sex. For almost a quarter-century, any connection between the slayings of Cynthia Denise McCray, a 21-year-old black woman dumped under an Interstate 581 overpass, and Audrey Anne West, a 33-year-old white […]