Digital Forensics

I met Erin Wimpy and Robert Price at CrimeCon. Their sessions about digital forensics were informative and interactive. Digital Forensics On television, everything looks so simple. However, digital forensics is a discipline. It requires a unique combination of skill and care to conduct a successful investigation. The presentation Erin and Robert made allowed participants to […]

Recap #CrimeChat Sept 26, 2013

Recap #CrimeChat Sept 26, 2013. Christa M. Miller returned and discussed digital forensics with us. if there was one thing you should take away from this #CrimeChat it is this: nothing is deleted permanently. Even if you delete contact lists on your mobile or email/text messages it is not gone and can be retrieved and/or […]

Recap #cclivechat March 18, 2011

A fast-paced #cclivechat that still has my mind spinning… here goes: Joined by TRLeVeque, KatCop13, TanyaGoodwinDoc, SarahEGlenn, BlueDog89, IowaColdCases, WyndhamForensic, OceanBluePress, WorldCrime, and of course, ColdCaseSquad, our discussions focussed on digital forensics in the cases of Novak and Wei, we touched on the Linda Sohus case, we discussed extradition, Crime Stoppers, rewards, and facial mapping. The […]