Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Wimpy PriceI met Erin Wimpy and Robert Price at CrimeCon. Their sessions about digital forensics were informative and interactive.

Digital Forensics

On television, everything looks so simple. However, digital forensics is a discipline. It requires a unique combination of skill and care to conduct a successful investigation.

The presentation Erin and Robert made allowed participants to learn what it is like to help in the collection and analysis of electronic evidence by getting the opportunity to make decisions themselves.

Make the right choices and your case will be successful. But make the wrong ones and a criminal could easily walk free.

Erin Wimpy Robert Price Mock scene digital forensics

Used with permission

Click on the link below to enter a mock crime case and see if you can make the right decisions. This picture shows what the first page looks like.

After you read, you make your choice, click, and it takes you to the next screen.

Enter the mock scene here: Mock Scenario by Erin Wimpy and Robert Price

After they did the mock scenario and compared participant choices with best practices, they discussed how important digital evidence is. They showed us examples of good and bad investigatory decisions. All participants saw the importance of data found on mobile phones, laptops, GPSs, and other commonly used electronic devices. The Power Point Presentation can be accessed here.

Internet Safety

Their other sessions discussed internet safety. They explained the differences between the hidden internet, the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. I have permission to use these slides that explain the above.

The Hidden Web

hidden internet

The Surface Web

surface web

The Deep Web

deep web

The Dark Web

dark web

Afraid? Don’t be because they also taught how to protect yourself. You can find the entire Power Point Presentation here. It has information about categories of cyber criminals, how to define computer misuse, basic methods of security, password protection, public wifi, data breaches, and more.

If you have questions about digital forensics please use the contact page. Robert and Erin have generously offered to answer your questions. You may have questions as a parent (how safe is this app), as a caretaker (how safe are medical files), or about hackers.

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