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Recap #cclivechat May 11, 2012

Ian Rivers returned as guest to discuss cyber-bullying with us. It was a fascinating hour. We started with cyber-bullying shifting from being predominantly in instant messages (more private) to chat-rooms, emails, and social media so more public. We looked into behaviour and manners we apply in daily life. But somehow, on the Internet they can be […]

Update Teresa Sue Hilt

This newspaper article from August 14, 1974 was sent to me and it contains information about the crime scene re Teresa Sue Hilt that will make Sue jump up and down across the pond! Hair particles found at the crime scene showed the one who left that hair had a rare scalp disease that makes […]

#cclivechat recap May 4, 2012

This #cclivechat has as guest David Swinson, a retired DC cop turned author.  David was assigned to the Special Investigations Bureau/Major Case and after that to the (now defunct) Career Criminal Unit. He specialized in what became known as “Narco Fencing” and worked with HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking). Many of his cases were international in […]

Elizabeth Heath autopsy details

More details have appeared in the Hartford Courant about Elizabeth Heath‘s violent death. Dr. H. Wayne Carver, the chief state medical examiner, was in charge of Elizabeth’s autopsy. It was not easy for him. Elizabeth’s remains covered 188 separate envelopes. “Gough Heath’s maxilla — the upper jaw — had been traumatically amputated from the skull, the […]

Arrest in cold case Elizabeth Heath

Police have arrested John Heath for murder in connection with the killing of his wife, Elizabeth Heath, 28 years ago. Elizabeth was reported missing in 1984. Her skeletal remains were found beneath the subflooring in a barn in April 2010. Heath, 68, of Bridgewater was arrested by warrant last Monday. He was charged with murder and held […]