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Follow-up #IV Karen Caughlin

A compilation:  A lot of information has come in either by email or comments that have not been posted for good reasons. However, all those bits and pieces of information fill in some of the blanks we have in the posts and clarify other issues. I have made a compilation below: Re the 1970/71 Chrysler, […]

Guest post: Laura Henderson-Ibach: The timeline does not work

Guest post: Laura Henderson-Ibach: The timeline does not work and police do not care. Part 4 by Tiah. Two different private investigators interviewed everyone who was connected in any way to this case. Much of what they found I will discuss here. If I use the phrase “we know” it is because the information was […]

Laura Henderson-Ibach: Who else was involved?

Laura Henderson-Ibach, Part 3. Who else was involved in this case? by guest blogger Tiah ________________ Ruble’s reputation was sullied by all his actions and lies and he chose to leave Kodiak. He has refused to speak to anyone regarding this case ever since. I strongly suspect that Ruble was somehow involved in Laura’s disappearance […]

Update Richard Lapointe: Habeas denied

Richard Lapointe: his Habeas Petition was denied as reported by the Hartford Courant. “Superior Court Judge John J. Nazzaro, in a 51-page ruling issued late Friday, turned back arguments that prosecutors had withheld material evidence, that Lapointe’s trial and appellate lawyers were incompetent, and that new evidence proved Lapointe was innocent. The decision is another defeat in what […]

Hal’s answers 1

I am starting a new category so it will be easier for you to keep track of Hal Brown’s answers to your questions. WARNING: This post includes a graphic image. ____________________________________ Tiah asked: “Is there much the eyes can tell us about cause of death, other than the obvious of petechiae?” Excellent question, Tiah! First, […]

Laura Henderson-Ibach: The Changing of the Stories

Part 2: The Changing of the Stories by Tiah in the case of Laura Henderson-Ibach. ______________________ After the police had spoken to all Laura Henderson-Ibach’s co-workers they all said they didn’t know anything about a meeting except for CW. But even she didn’t have a name for this unknown man. Police had asked them to all […]

Laura Henderson-Ibach, A life lost and many lives destroyed

Please welcome guest blogger Tiah who will be covering the cold case of Laura Henderson-Ibach. Unlike most guest bloggers on my site, Tiah is not involved in the legal world. Instead, she is an accountant, a far leap from the world of forensics and law! Tiah has assisted on appeal cases in the past; she was […]

Post-mortem ocular changes are not conclusive post-mortem interval evidence.

Please welcome my fifth collaborator and guest blogger, Hal G. Brown. Hal Brown is the Deputy Director of the Delaware Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and states Forensic Sciences Laboratory, Wilmington, DE.  Brown is also the Delaware Case Manager for NamUs Unidentified/Missing Persons. Hal will be educating us about post-mortem and autopsies. He will be indicating what the […]