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A message from the Caughlin Family

The Caughlin family has been very cooperative and courageously opened up the lines of communication with me. I have alerted them to every post and and every comment and they have read everything. This message was sent to me and is for all who work on the case, for all DCC readers, and especially for […]

Hal’s answers 5

Greetings all!  I’ve selected eight representative examples of post-mortem ocular descriptions from previous medical-legal death examinations, to help bring into perspective some of the previous discussion points regarding post-mortem ocular changes.  Hope these are helpful!  -Hal 1.     The eyes are closed, irides are brown, corneas are moist and clear, and the conjunctivae have no petechiae. […]

Hal’s answers 4

WARNING: this post includes graphic images! Jason asked: “What about drugs-usage? Don’t some drugs ‘contract’ the pupils? Or, would you not be able to say for sure what the normal pupil size was in the first place – so you can’t say if the pupil is contracted or dilated? But perhaps in case of OD, […]

Recap #cclivechat April 29, 2011

Recap #cclivechat April 29, 2011. We started off today by thanking DCC’s collaborators and webmaster for their time, for sharing their knowledge, and for caring about decade old cases. The first case we discussed was the Holly Bobo case. Joe has a post on his blog about her case and of course, the case can be found in the media […]

Laura Henderson-Ibach: Mac’s van

One of the issues in the Laura Henderson-Ibach case has been Mac’s van. Did a live or death struggle take place here or not? As you have been able to read in our post, the van doubled as a temporary home to Jim Kerwin. Please take a look at these pictures. They were taken before […]

Vidocq presents Laura Madison!

Allow me to introduce you to a Canuckistani winter dwellin’ digital Criminologist Laura Madison who tweets as Org9. 1: What is your most favourite part of the day? Early Evening 2: What is the worst kind of person you ever sat next to on a flight? Snot inspector who then ate his captives… 3: Were you ever […]