Moira Holly Branagan Alert

The Grand Jury is making progress in the cold case of Moira Holly Branagan. New material have been sent to the labs to be examined for DNA, and a report is expected at the end of the month. Moira “Holly” Branagan (1962 – 1979) was found stabbed 18 times in the back with a 10-inch kitchen […]

Update Moira Holly Branagan

We have renewed activity in the Branagan case. Currently, we are actively investigating Holly’s former friends, classmates, and neighbourhood kids. What we are looking for is: abrupt behavioural changes right after the murder which one of her former friends/classmates committed suicide which one of her former friends/classmates has been committed to a psychiatric hospital which one […]

Paula Ream: cops need your help

The cops need help to find out who was or were responsible for the theft of Paula Ream’s remains last August. They have no leads, no eye witnesses, no tips, nothing! Police said someone went into the Riverview Memorial Cemetery along the 1200 block of South Duke Street in Lancaster and dug up Paula Ream’s grave. […]

Remember Betsy Aardsma

I am very glad to report that police are waiting for DNA test results of Betsy’s red dress that she wore the afternoon she was killed. Betsy was stabbed in her heart and nobody heard her scream. She died on November 28, 1969. Betsy was a lively young woman, a reader, a great cook, and […]

Remembering Dana Lea Bailey

Update: Dana’s sister Tracy told me that the young woman who appears in many newspaper photographs is actually not Dana but Dana’s roommate. Tracy kindly gave me a photograph of her beautiful sister. We hope that by publishing this photograph and this post the discussions in Dana’s case will pick up again. On March 5, 1987, Dana Lea […]

Paula Ream’s remains stolen

Lancaster, PA: Police are looking for the thief who dug up Paula Ream‘s remains and coffin and disappeared into the night. Police said someone went into the Riverview Memorial Cemetery along the 1200 block of South Duke Street in Lancaster late Thursday night or early Friday morning and dug up Paula Ream’s grave. Paula Ream was […]

Daniel Dougherty and Forensic Arson Detection

Daniel Dougherty was found guilty of deliberately igniting fires in his home that killed his two sons, Danny(4) and Johnny(3) in 1985. Police arrested Dougherty 14 years later, when his estranged wife came forward and claimed he confessed. A jury found him guilty on capital murder charges in 2000. He is awaiting his execution. His case […]

Different angles: Branagan Case

Different angles in the Branagan Case: I have been musing with my friends on Twitter about some of the cold cases on DCC and good remarks have led me to rethink some cases, go back over details, check where I might have missed something, or where I assumed something was clear while it only was […]