The Caughlin family: enough!

The Caughlin family: enough! Enough energy has been put into asking, begging the OPP to re-evaluate the cold case of Karen Caughlin. Their hearts broken since Karen’s murder in 1974, the family has decided to stop talking to the media. From the and sent to me by Kathy Caughlin: “Two years after calling for the […]

Ontario’s Attorney General: no independent review for Karen Caughlin

Ontario’s Attorney General: no independent review for Karen Caughlin. Her case has been cold for 38 years. From the ” Caughlin’s sister Kathy recently wrote to Ontario’s Attorney General, on the advice of the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime. Officials at the centre said the attorney general could investigate if there was evidence […]

The 1985 cold case of Lisa Cay Kroeyr

Lisa Cay Kroeyr from Saginaw, Michigan, was found drowned, partially clothed and her hands were bound before she died. I have tried to find some newspaper articles about this case but so far, been unsuccessful. Should you have any links with more information about this case, please let me know. As soon as I get more […]

Help the Caughlin Family!

Since 1974, the Caughlin Family has wondered why their beloved 14 year old Karen had to die. To this date, there are no answers. Maybe we will never get the answers we need but then again, it might be possible with the help of some special people. The Caughlin Family would like to have the […]

Michigan not giving up on cold cases

Michigan has not forgotten its cold cases and is working diligently towards justice for the victims. “In Oakland County, law enforcement has stepped up efforts to close cases, aggressively pursuing old homicides. Their efforts have paid off. Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper has obtained convictions against seven men in six old murders in the last two […]

Independent review of Karen Caughlin Murder

The Caughlin family is calling for an independent external review of the 1974 murder of their daughter and little sister Karen Caughlin. “It’s been 37 years, and it’s time,” said Caughlin, who will hold a press conference in Sarnia next week to discuss and seek public support for the review. “This is not going to be […]

Update Brenda Martinez

Update Brenda Martinez. Kathleen Ryan has started blogging about the Brenda Martinez case. Her first post is here. Brenda was only 23 years old when she disappeared around Christmas, 1988, in Flint, Michigan. Her snow covered body was discovered on January 5, 1989. The cause of death was not revealed, but authorities have labelled her case a homicide. […]