The 1985 murder of Vincent Paul Caciola

Vincent Paul Caciola (known as “Vince”) was reported missing on August 14, 1985 by his wife, Kimberly Rene Caciola (now Ms. Kimberly Grubbs). She said she left him at home late in the evening to get some items from her office on Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Maryland. When she came back around midnight, […]

McHenry Biggers

McHenry Biggers suffered a fatal heart attack during a home invasion on October 26, 1986. Allegedly, two men invaded the home he shared with his wife Bessie Mae Biggers in Champaign, Illinois. Mrs. Biggers called 911 at 1:09 am according to the dispatch log. Despite that police and emergency personnel arrived within minutes, Mr. Biggers […]

Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson

Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson since December 9, 1986. Kim was reported missing by her parents, Barbara and Clyde Thompson. The last time they had heard from their daughter was on December 1, 1986, when her father dropped her off at her house. Her boyfriend later told police that he had not seen her since the beginning of […]