Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson

Kimberly Ann Thompson - CPD

Kimberly Ann Thompson – CPD

Missing: Kimberly Ann Thompson since December 9, 1986. Kim was reported missing by her parents, Barbara and Clyde Thompson. The last time they had heard from their daughter was on December 1, 1986, when her father dropped her off at her house.

Her boyfriend later told police that he had not seen her since the beginning of December. Staying away for a few days was not unusual for Kim. However, this was the first time that the boyfriend expressed concern. He was, of course, questioned by police. He stated that Kim left the house dressed in a maroon hooded jacket, red hooded sweatshirt, gray leather pants with pinstripe jeans underneath, and ankle-high black leather shoes. She did not have a purse with her or any money, and he did not know where she was going.

When the police later checked, all Kim’s personal belongings were still in the house that she shared with her boyfriend. Kim’s father mentioned to police that Kim had fifty dollars with her when he dropped her off, on December 1, 1986.

We are dealing here with an endangered missing person for two reasons:

1: Kim had an arrest record for possession of cannabis, theft, and prostitution. Her street name was “Snow.” In this profession and the world of drugs, people can easily disappear when others fear they know too much. Some prostitutes had voiced concern for some of their “more violent” customers to police.

2: Kim had worked for the police as an informant, and she had just finished testifying against two people. Her cooperation and testimony secured their convictions. During this time as an informant, Kim had kept all her appointments with the authorities. She had another appointment on December 1, but she did not show up, and this worried detectives. Furthermore, she was to receive money that she needed badly.

Because Kim did not show up for her December 1 appointment, police kept an eye out for her. They asked around and some people said they had seen Kim in the beginning of December but could not really be certain. They admitted it could have been around the end of November.

In January of 1987, rumours started to float around the Champaign area that Kim was dead. However, nobody was specific. In mid-June, a source told police that Kim had been murdered and buried in a gravel pit in an industrial area of town. Naturally, police scanned the area and dug where possible, but Kim was not found.

Years later upon re-investigation, we checked some of the places where Kim was last seen. For example, Kim had her last dentist appointment on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1986, at the Frances Nelson Health Center. The Center was most helpful in completing the Missing Persons Dental Records Chart when asked them years later.

In 1992 and 1993, three police departments (in Alabama, Texas and New York) contacted the Champaign Police Department with promising news. They had all found female skeletons in the last two years. There was a possibility that one of them might be Kim’s. Records were sent over to these police departments and comparisons were made. Unfortunately, none of the bodies matched Kim’s dental chart.

Since 1993, a lot of people have reported seeing her, and her medical information has been used to check many unidentified female skeletons. Should you have any information at all, please contact police at 217-351-4545.


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