Case of the Month: Theresa Marcelina Ramirez

Theresa Marcelina Ramirez (Oct 8, 1958 – Dec 4, 1993) features as Case of the Month for July. She was found murdered in a burning field around 840am on December 4, 1993 in Roswell, New Mexico. Theresa has no web presence. Lucky for me, her family saved a newspaper clipping (see below). The picture isn’t […]

Remembering Dottie & Bob Tidwell

Remembering Dottie & Bob Tidwell who were murdered on November 23, 1983. The couple was found in their Roanoke, Texas, home. Their house was set on fire to cover up what had been done and to get rid of evidence. The case is unsolved. Dottie Rowden Tidwell and Robert (Bob) Tidwell lived in the Oak Country Estates in […]